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The Client
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Will you take my case on a contingency basis?
Certain types of cases lend themselves to contingency, and
we would do such a case on that basis.  For example, auto
accident cases where the other party has insurance.
Generally, though, we bill on an hourly basis.

Will you do my case on a flat-fee basis?
Some cases are done a flat-fee basis, most often cases such
as traffic or minor criminal. We make that decision on a
case-by-case basis, and will inform you at the time of the

What is your hourly rate?
Our rates are consistent with what other lawyers charge, and
may change from time to time.  Rates can be obtained by
contacting our office.

Do you take payments?
We generally do not take payments for flat-fee cases, but
require payment in full up front.  Hourly cases require
payment of a retainer, which may need to be replenished
from time-to-time.

Do you take credit cards?
Yes, a fee that we have earned may be paid by credit card.
We cannot, however, take a retainer by credit card.

How much will my hourly case cost?
There is usually no way to estimate the cost of an hourly
case with any precision.  It depends on a number of
factors that are outside the control of our lawyers.  For
example, how readily can the case be resolved, or how
complicated it is.

Do you guarantee results?
No, we cannot guarantee the outcome of any contested

Are you aggressive?
We provide competent legal advice and representation
designed to serve your best interest, and to help you obtain
the result you want. "Aggressive" means different things to
different people.  We do not act to unnecessarily prolong
or complicate litigation, which is unethical and serves only
to increase the cost of litigation.  We do what it takes to
render good competent representation, help you resolve the
case without litigation if possible, or to try the case if
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