Willis & Henderson, P.A., can help you in a number of
real estate matters, including contracts of sale,
landlord/tenant, and property line disputes.

Contracts of Sale:
If you wish to sell your house without an agent, or you are
interested in buying a house from a seller without an
agent, you will need a good contract, which we can
provide at a reasonable cost.

If you are buying a house from someone using an agent,
or even if you are selling through an agent, you will need
to have the contract, which is provided by the agent,

Property Line Disputes:
On occasion there arises a dispute as to the location of
the line between two properties, and whether a driveway,
flower bed, or other structure or feature is encroaching
on your property.  It is important to have these matters
resolved, because they affect the title to and value of your
property.  Having competent legal counsel may help
resolve the matter without going to court.  If going to court
is necessary, however, Willis & Henderson is prepared
to help you litigate the case.

Homeowners' Association Covenants and Restrictions:
Virtually every subdivision created over the past 30 years
is subject to certain covenants and restrictions.  They are
enforceable by either the Homeowners' Association, or
by individual owners.  Willis & Henderson can help you
resolve these issues, and litigate the matter if necessary.

As a landlord, you have a right to have your rent when due
and to have possession of the property if the tenant does
not pay.  Willis & Henderson can help you with eviction
proceedings, and can help you collect your rent and
damages from tenants.

As a tenant, you have certain rights that may need to be
enforced against the landlord.  Willis & Henderson can
help you understand these rights, and deal with the
landlord to help protect them.
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