Willis & Henderson, P.A., provides aggressive defense
of drunk driving charges in Maryland.  John Willis has
been listed in the Baltimore Magazine for the past two
years as a super lawyer in criminal defense.

We understand what's at stake if you have been arrested
for DUI or DWI: jail time, your driver's license, a
criminal record, high insurance rates, even your
livelihood.  A qualified Maryland attorney can make
all the difference.

Whether it is your first violation or your third, our
knowledge of DUI and DWI laws enables us to protect
your rights and build a winning defense.

If you have been arrested for DUI or DWI, contact us
immediately at 410-461-9400 to discuss your case.

Experienced legal representation is critical  for any
DUI charge.

The sections below provide basic information regarding
DUI and DWI. They are not intended as legal advice
or to substitute for representation by a qualified
Maryland DUI attorney.  

Why Hire a Lawyer? (or "can't I do it myself?")

Charges of DUI and DWI carry substantial penalties,
both by way of a fine, potential jail time, and points
on your driving record. Although there is no legal
reason why you could not represent yourself, a lawyer
can help you not only by recognizing technical
legal defenses, by knowing what the judge is likely
to do given the facts of your case, and what you can
do to improve the odds of a favorable disposition.

Willis & Henderson, P.A., will represent you vigorously
in court on the criminal charges, as well as any Motor
Vehicle Administration (MVA) hearing.

For example, our attorneys may challenge the validity of
the stop, the methods used in the roadside sobriety test,
or the accuracy and effectiveness of a breath test to get
the charges dismissed or reduced, or to minimize the
consequences of a conviction.

Our attorneys will evaluate the case and determine
whether there are any triable issues, and will determine
the best course of action based upon the facts and
circumstances of your case and the likely outcome
of a trial.  Please review these specific topics:

The Traffic Stop

Field Sobriety Test

The Breath Test
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